About Sixtus Compliance

Sixtus Compliance develops products and services that reflect our clients’ needs and the current challenges they face. We are always up to date on new assessments and current threat analyses, which means we can create confidence and security in your company.


We want to be your number one partner to strategically fend off the threats and risks that arise due to new regulations such as GDRP and ePrivacy.

Our logo features the image of a cannon from the Sixtus Fort near Copenhagen, which was built in 1739-1744 as part of the strategic defences around the Port of Copenhagen.


We deliver solutions to our clients that:

  • solve complex challenges
  • are operational and can be directly implemented
  • use pioneering technology


Our four basic core values are reflected in the way we solve all challenges:

  1. We meet all our clients on an equal footing when we turn complex challenges into operational procedures.
  2. We are meticulous and willing to go the extra mile to create added value for our clients.
  3. We put a premium on availability and punctuality and always communicate openly with both our clients and business partners.
  4. Trustworthiness is central to all that we do, and we act with impeccable integrity towards our clients.


Sixtus Compliance ApS was founded in 2019 by Bjørn Leth Erichsen and Bo Pyskow, both of whom have run independent businesses focusing on GDPR compliance. They have joined forces and now offer clients an even more effective and comprehensive service delivering IT, GDPR and compliance software. Indsæt hyperlink til siden med GDPR Scanneren