Sixtus Privacy Scanner

Correct storage of personal data

We have developed unique software that provides an overview of unstructured data in your company. The new Sixtus Privacy Scanner can detect gaps in your procedures for storage of personal data – and help you to close them. Once the Sixtus Privacy Scanner has analysed all relevant files, you can rest assured that your company is GDPR compliant.

Making assumptions is not enough – Be certain about all personal data

All companies experience human error and hold files that should have been deleted – even though clear procedures are in place for storing personal data correctly and in full compliance with GDPR. But, for example, have the right personal data also been deleted from the company’s shared drive? Have all data been sufficiently anonymised, as prescribed by GDPR? Or is it still possible to track previous customers or clients whose data ought to have been erased from internal drives?

Banish any uncertainties

Most companies have data processing agreements in place. They have data controllers and they have developed clear procedures for the secure processing of all personal data. But many aren’t actually aware if a weak link exists in their personal data procedures and private data is being stored unlawfully.

One reason for this is that raw data and disorganised data constitute an increasing risk for many companies. This data is found in emails, PDF files and spreadsheets that are stored on computers and belong to staff, external consultants and partners. Documents with personal data can end up in all sorts of places, just as the risk of data breaches and hacking is increasing.

Recognises all Danish words

Extremely user-friendly and fool-proof, the Sixtus Privacy Scanner recognises Danish vocabulary, terminology and names.

Our data scanning tool is relevant for companies that handle all kinds of personal information, from names, customer numbers, phone numbers and email addresses to personal identification numbers, political affiliations, health treatments and medical histories.

Test run the Sixtus Privacy Scanner today!

We invite you to try out our demo. No registration is required and none of your information is saved.

  • Start by choosing one or more files you’d like to scan. For example:
  • documents from an employee performance review
  • an Excel file with addresses or customer information
  • an application or CV

Note that you can test a maximum of five files with up to 500 characters and not larger than 0.5 MB.

  • Upload the files to the Sixtus Privacy Scanner and run the test. We recommend using a secure connection when running the text, such as a VPN connection.

Only you can see the result of the scan. When you have finished the test, all results and documents will be deleted. We do not store any details about you or your company.

  • You are welcome to contact us afterwards. We are happy to explain the test results in more detail or offer you further information on the scanner.