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We advise companies on GDPR compliance and are qualified to provide external data protection officer services. We can analyse your entire range of products, services and IT processes to incorporate all the necessary elements, allowing you to confidently carry out your company’s daily operations knowing you are GDPR compliant. We also offer comprehensive GDPR legal advice and support.

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Scan unstructured documents for personal data

We use cutting-edge technology to help companies ensure they are GDPR compliant. The new Sixtus Privacy Scanner can detect whether your company still has personal data stored on, for example, local drives, laptops or in Dropbox, that should have been deleted. The vast majority of companies have comprehensive data processing policies in place, but each and every day, employees store personal data in documents that is not always deleted again.

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Sixtus Compliance is a small company that provides big solutions for our clients. Equipped with relevant experience to incorporate GDPR requirements into your company’s policies and procedures. We apply a dedicated, highly professional approach to any and all challenges. As a skilled, reliable partner we work jointly with you to create the results you need.

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