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Subscription based GDPR compliance

At Sixtus, we want to help both startups and established SMEs get a handle on GDPR. We know that it is not necessarily at the top of the list when you are busy running and growing your business. Nevertheless, it is important to get GDPR right.

To make it as easy as possible, we have created a subscription based model, where we help you with the complicated stuff and get your GDPR compliance in order. Together we analyse your company, which allows us to map everything from IT-systems to processes, check data processor agreements, do risk assessments and much more.

With a GDPR subscription from Sixtus Compliance, you get a solution that ensures that you comply with current practice. You always get the basic package including:

  • A personal advisor who follows your company and ensures a stable collaboration
  • Participation from Sixtus in the first meeting by supervision from the Danish Data Protection Agency
  • Website review
  • Annual network meeting for our Lexoform customers
  • Favorable prices on Sixtus Scanner
  • News and updates on GDPR from Sixtus Compliance

In the first year, you will also get the following benefits:

The following years, the “basic package” is still applicable. Further the services include:

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