GDPR and Privacy Projects

GDPR and Privacy Projects

The purpose of GDPR, is to protect personal data in a world with fast flowing data. Everyone has the right to access their data and the right to be forgotten.

For many companies, this means adopting new practices. Procedures, products and services have to be altered in order to ONLY collect data for specific purposes and ONLY to a reasonable extent.

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Get knowledge on data protection

We devise and implement a unique and tailored programme for every company and we always kick off our collaboration with a workshop. Sixtus will:

  • Analyse your business processes and your collection and storage of data, e.g. IT-systems and suppliers
  • Discuss your IT-security needs and map out the steps towards GDPR compliance
  • Focus on which new tools you need, and which existing systems can be integrated
  • Make recommendations, check lists and necessary standards
  • Train management and staff to uphold GDPR compliance
  • Examine if you will need a data protection officer (DPO).

In most cases, 3-5 implementation meetings are needed, depending on the extent of the task and the size of your company.

Lets assess the situation and ensure that you

  • Develop a GDPR mindset amongst management and staff
  • Define procedures in the case of data breaches
  • Keep track of the rights of all registered individuals incl. necessary declarations of consent
  • Have IT-procedures for security, privacy settings and disaster recovery
  • Implement the necessary management tools
  • Have support for GDPR auditing

Management and employees

It is important to assign people internally, who have oversight over your GDPR processes and who also has the authority to make decisions on any urgent GDPR-matters. In the case of small and medium-sized companies, they will typically be the owner/CEO, CFO or CHRO.