DPO as a Service

DPO as a Service

Keeping your company GDPR compliant

As an external data protection officer (DPO), we make it easier and simpler for companies to meet all GDPR requirements.

We put data protection regulations into practice and take care of documentation, operations and notifications to continuously ensure compliance. In addition, we act as an independent adviser and liaise with the Danish Data Protection Agency.

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GDPR requirements regularly updated

GDPR is a living document, with compliance determined by cases ruled on by the Danish Data Protection Agency. This means that you have to continuously follow a GDPR schedule, demonstrating that your company is up to date in protecting people’s personal data.

Our DPO Service is available to companies that are interested in having an external data protection officer. This keeps costs down as you only pay for fixed expenses, just as you have the benefit of easily scaling up activities according to need, for example, if there is a security breach. Our DPO works closely with your data controller but is also available to provide independent advice.

Sixtus Compliances complete DPO Service provides:

  • Management of all registrations with the Danish Data Protection Agency
  • Correct handling of data processing agreements
  • Implementation of all necessary procedures
  • Support for subject access requests
  • Data Protection Impact Assessments
  • Advice on IT procedures in connection with GDPR compliance
  • Emergency support in case of data breaches
  • Annual inspections, including update of all documentation
  • Continual revision of internal data management and documentation
  • Support and advice in case of external auditing
  • Internal training in correct management of personal data
  • Access to Sixtus Privacy Scanner.

Which companies should have a DPO?

Not all companies need a DPO. According to GDPR, a DPO is needed when the core activity of a company is the processing of personal data, the processing large volumes of personal data and sensitive information, or companies that systematically register people.

You ae always welcome to contact us for independent advice.