Sixtus GDPR Scanner

Sixtus Scanner

Find and manage unstructured data

The scanner is a unique data management software, which can provide an overview of unstructured data in your company.

  • Scan of local infrastructure, servers and O365 Suite
  • Scan for eg names, CPR numbers, e-mails, medical history, etc.
  • Scan for Danish and English word and phrases
  • Get an on-premise solution and full control
  • Save server space and reduce your CO2 emissions

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Cloud Scanner

The Cloud Scanner reads all messages in Outlook and documents in OneDrive. For the email messages, the scanner:

  • Reads and scans the message body and attachments for GDPR information
  • Marks the message with a visible category it it contains any of the following:
    • GDPR for general, demographic, or work information 
    • GDPR Confidential for legal and financial information 
    • GDPR Sensitive for health and affiliation information
  • Updates a database with the identified GDPR issues
  • Offers user accessible web front-end with a detailed explanation of all GDPR issues

For documents in OneDrive, the same process takes place, except for the assignment of categories. The scanner does not automatically delete any messages or files, as this potentially creates a high risk of data breaches; hence non-compliance with the principles of the GDPR. However, the transparency of the information allows the user to create delete lists.