Scan servers for personal data

How the Sixtus Scanner works

Get help identifying GDPR sensitive information in unstructured documents

The scanner can be used for three main purposes: a personal version for private use, a version for business use such as file servers and external scanning of employee PCs, and finally a DSAR version that can be used for scanning for personal data such as addresses, social security no. or phone no. etc.

The Sixtus Privacy Scanner can scan file servers, and show which files contain personal data, the category and the classification of the data found.​ The scan runs internally and can be used ad-hoc for internal controls, as well as ongoing monitoring.​​ By knowing what data you have in unstructured formats, you can apply your policies in the area, as well as demonstrate compliancy.

Furthermore the tool supports:​

  • Data Subject Access Requests​ (DSAR)
  • Create your own filters and rules​
  • Segregation of duties​
  • Scan in Danish and/or English​
  • Scan the following filetypes: docx, excel, txt, jpeg and PDF

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