Sixtus Privacy Scanner

Unique GDPR scanner:

GDPR Compliant Storage of Personal Data in your Company

Our new Sixtus Privacy Scanner can systematically review all files in your company and reveal any personally identifiable data that should have been deleted. In other words; use the software and get explicit knowledge about whether your files with personal data comply with the GDPR or not.

Data Protection Compliance in Your Company

EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) has tightened the requirements of data protection management systems, so the vast majority of companies have data processing agreements in place. They have data controllers, and they have developed clear procedures for the safe processing of all personal data. 


However, many companies have a weak link in their data processing agreements, where personal data is stored incorrectly. This weak link is due to human errors and an increasing amount of unstructured data.

The Risk is Human Errors and Unstructured Data 

Human errors happen in all companies. Even if you have clear procedures for storing personal data correctly and in full compliance with the GDPR. 

  • For have everyone deleted the necessary data from the company’s shared drive, or can you still find personal data?
  • Has everything been anonymized sufficiently, as the GDPR prescribes, or is it possible to find data about past customers in your files?

Companies manage both structured data and unstructured data. Unstructured data examples are e-mail messages, PDFs, Word files, and spreadsheets that are stored on computers belonging to employees, external consultants, and collaborators. Thereby, documents with personal data may end in many places.

Just as the increasing amount of unstructured data poses a growing risk for many companies, the risk of data breaches and hackers is also increasing.

Personal Data Protection with the Privacy Scanner

Our new GDPR scanner can check all files in your company and identify personal data that have to be removed or deleted. We have developed a solid piece of software that uncovers whether you keep personal data correct and GDPR compliant.


The Privacy Scanner is useful for companies that have all kinds of personal data, such as person names, customer numbers, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, Social Security Numbers (CPR Numbers), sexual preferences, political affiliation, course of treatment, and medical history.

Sixtus Privacy Scanner Can:

– Explore files on computers and identify personal data.

– Demonstrate if your company stores personal data correctly (GDPR compliance).

– Reduce the cost of fulfilling a GDPR data subject request.

– Provide an overview of unstructured data in your company.

– Check if (former) employees have cleaned their computers for all personal data.

– Analyse the quality of your security, storage, and deletion processes.

– Continually keep an eye on all personal data stored in your company.

– Be used for internal ad-hoc controls and continuous monitoring.

Contact us for More Information

We are developing a demo model that can test a sample of files in your company. Send a message to and get notified when the demo is ready for a test.

You are very welcome to contact us for further information about the Sixtus Privacy Scanner or more knowledge about how we can help you implement the tool in your company. Call Bo Pyskow on +45 3065 4565 or send an e-mail to