GDPR and Privacy Projects

The purpose of the service is to start the e privacy program so that the company can start the journey towards GDPR compliance.

The service consists of:

Scoping Workshop – We go through which processes the company has, IT Systems, Suppliers, Website, products etc. And we talk basically IT Security if it is necessary. We plan for the subsequent steps towards GDPR compliance. We also analyse whether you need a DPO.

We arrange homework on both sides and try to make the workload as small as possible on your side.

Subsequently, we agree 3-5 implementation meetings, depending on how many treatment activities in the company have, and depending on the split of the workload.

We also look at your tooling needs and possibly adaptation of already purchased and existing systems.

Participants can vary according to the size of the company. But you must have designated one or more internally responsible for your privacy and GDPR program. These should be authorized to make decisions about Privacy and GDPR. Small and medium businesses should often settle with CEO / Owner and Finance / HR responsible persons.

Data Breach Incident Management

Data Subject Rights

IT Policies incl Security, Privacy, Disaster Recovery…

Clean Desk Policies & Management

Vendor Risk Management

GDPR Audit Support

DPA Support